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Some birds are lovable by nature, some are adorable and no doubt play a good role in our ecological system. While we use birds for pollination, birds are also responsible for maintaining the fine balance between the plant and herbivore, prey and predator. disperse seeds, scavenge carcasses, some types even transform major landscapes, and keeps the coral leaves alive. Much of these wonderful features having them around, some species may have an opposite impact in our neighborhood. Some neighbors like to scare birds away for a lot of reasons. Other families even use devices to keep birds from landing on their surfaces and garden. Bird scaring is common to urban families to prevent structural damages at home. On a larger scale, the birds that pests may contribute to becoming a major problem in urban and congested areas due to their nesting, eating, and living habits.

What Kind Of Harm Can A Bird Bring?

The most common pest are pigeons, goose, starlings, house sparrows, and seagulls. Every year, pest birds are held responsible for millions of money worth of damage. The Pigeons for one are linked to over 50 different diseases. Some of these diseases include salmonella, histoplasmosis, and chlamydiosis. Pigeon droppings are acidic as well and may mark on many different surfaces. Other environmental harm may include- gutters and drainage pipes clogged with sparrow or starling nests – It may pile up and cause extensive water damage. Not many are aware but, their droplets make highly caustic eat away on roofing and a lot of other materials. They may even contaminate food in the garden, the water, and whatever they touch or land on. The birds may also release airborne spores around your area which family, workers or any inhabitants may inhale. Furthermore, electrical shorts cause numerous fires due to machinery starling nests and housing sparrow.

Types of Bird Scarers

On an agricultural concept, there are not one – but two types of bird scarers. The first one is by Vision and the other through Auditory.


Birds are responsive to what they visually see. One of the most legendary types of bird scarers is a scarecrow. You see them in the movies and these scarecrows often depict a scary image. To serve their purpose, many farmers use scarecrows to look like humans that hopefully, eventually lead to bird scares. Another type of bird scarers is a Hawk Kite. A Hawk Kite hangs from the poles to hover around the ground, it is shaped like a silhouette of a mighty hawk. If there is Hawk Kite Bird Scarers, there is also a Helikite Bird Scarers. Not like a Hawk Kite, A Helikite is a mixture of a kite and a helium balloon. Helikites fly high with or without the help of wind, it reaches up to 200ft high in the air. Worth to mention, a balloon is another type of inexpensive deterrent. Balloons could be locally used at home, the garden, the patios, and other types of grounds around your area. However, the use of a balloon depends on the movements it makes, and these movements may quickly be adaptable to different types of species. Adding different drawings to the balloons like putting witch eye images or making up scary faces can add up to the improvement of the efficacy of this approach as it battles the capacity for adaptation. 

Through Sounds

The bird scares through different types of noises also. The use of sound waves makes them uncomfortable. However, once they realize these sounds pose no real threats, they can easily adapt to it. Audible bird scarers have high potentials of being ineffective in controlling pests solutions. However if using it on an unpredictable approach or as part of a greater deterrent system, audible sound waves may also deliver quality results.

What Is The Best Way To Control Bird Infestation At Home?

When one draws birds into a garden, one can not pick and select the species he or she wants. The garden will sooner or later be visited by a full cross-section of species that live in the area. Controlling and managing these birds can be difficult that it requires effort and attention if not using the correct deterrent. While a large population of birds may harm humans, pesticides are not the best option to eradicate these flying rodents. How do we keep them off our property? at work, our garden, and everywhere else? So the major question is, What is the best bird scarer  bird deterrent product?

We have shifted over time away from some of the traditional methods used such as scarecrows and traps. 

As such, others may think getting rid of pest birds is associated with utter complexity of treatment, lots of time required, and bank-breaking devices and services. This is not necessarily true, the most effective deterrent, cost-efficient product out there is a time saver and a 100% problem solver. 100% guaranteed effective, One of the best solutions for bird infestation is the use of our Bird Spikes product. Our widely used Bird Spikes deterrent product doesn’t harm these species- but helps keep them from landing on your garden, your roofs, windows, and patios. It is non-lethal, environmentally friendly and a very effective tool to fight the infestation. Once installed, it delivers results at no time. Learn more about the section below. Use and see it to believe!

The Use Of Our Bird Spikes

Using our Bird spikes guarantees 100% effectiveness, maintenance-free, and permanent solution for pest birds infestation. Our Bird repellent spikes are made out of a Poly-carbonate base and stainless steel wire. Using one can be easily be installed in minutes. The use of these spikes helps keep the birds away from your roofs, windows, garden, chimneys, patios, and many more. Using it provides an excellent solution to the infestation problem.

  • Using it is a 100%Safe and a 100% physical deterrent
  • Long Life Expectancy, Stainless steel won’t decay nor corrode
  • Easy installation procedures
  • Easily snap into locations, with ledge protections
  • Lifetime warranty on defects and workmanship
How Does It Work?

First, you need to take a closer look at your area and ask why do birds flock or mate on these spaces? Do they have available food resources nearby? Are you using any device that attracts bird attention? Second, you need to see the kind of birds causing the problem. Do you see large or small types of birds? Like any other product, if installed properly, using it will effectively serve their purpose and keep the larger birds away from your house, garden, place of business. Species like gulls, crows, or pigeons, have large feet that don’t suit well into the perches. Birds like these need to make enough space to land on or maneuver themselves after they have landed. They usually choose open areas like the garden or the porches. Installing this product will not give these species the space they needed to land, far-most, they are more likely to avoid landing on the perches.

Legal Considerations In Some Countries For Deterring Birds

Deterring birds are legal in most circumstances, however, certain conditions and considerations have to be met. Usually, these conditions are as follows: 

  • The device and operation must not injure, trap, or kill the specie.
  • The device should not be stationary preventing access from their active nest.
  • Make sure there are alternative or available places to go to before deterring the specific site.

If the conditions were not met above, it will simply distress and may not serve its desired effect.

If in doubt, please ask for advice or search for readily available topics before applying the deterrent.

Our team is happy to accommodate any queries and are available 24/7.

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